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Belly Full of Spiders

Sven Dagones

After Hitler’s armies invaded and plundered Greece, hundreds of thousands starved to death. Political factions turned into armed militias, and ideological extremism brought civil war. Set in occupied Athens, Belly Full of Spiders could just as well take place in today’s Bagdad or Kabul. Burning ferociously in this unstoppable narrative is the relevant question: what binds us and what tears us apart.
Growing up amidst violence and deprivation, Kostas tries to trade homemade bombs for food. Reluctantly, he joins the communist underground, and falls in love with Anna, whom his best friend pimps. As fanaticism turns the city into a slaughterhouse, his dead father’s right-wing background forces him to clear his name with one last horrifying mission.


ISBN: 978-0-9882726-2-0
Category: General Fiction
Number Of Pages: 400
Available: 1st July 2013
Size: 437 Kb

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