Chryssiida Dimoulidou

Chryssiida Dimoulidou

Chryssiida Dimoulidou was born in Serres, Greece. Nowadays she lives in Athens. Her first novel was published in 1997 and since then she has published 16 books for adults and 5 books for children. All of her books have become bestsellers. Her novel, DON'T SHOOT THE BRIDE, was awarded with the Cypriot Readers' Award and shortlisted for the same award in Greece, while the rights to her book THE TEARS OF GOD have been sold in Brazil and the Czech Republic. She was shortlisted for the Author of the Year award by Life & Style Magazine for her novel THE CROSSING SOULS. Chrysiida Dimoulidou also writes scenarios and poetry. She is a fanatic animal lover, an environmentalist and activist, and she believes that children are the only hope this world has for peace.

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